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Short Sales and Distressed Properties:

First let me answer the question, "What is a short sale?"

A short sale is "DEBT SETTLEMENT".  Plain and simple, a  homeowner is under water on their home, they owe the bank more than the current market value.  This means the payoff to the lender will be for less than the full balance, hence the term short sale.

We should not assume that short refers to anything about the length of time the transaction will take, because the 'typical' short sale usually takes about 120 days to complete.  However, it can be shorter or longer depending on the lender(s) involved and overall market conditions.

If you currently own a home that fits this general description and need help figuring out your options, please contact me for your free consultation.

Currently there are laws in place to protect the homeowner from deficiency judgments and income taxes when you decide to short sale your property.  A short sale in most cases is a better situation than losing your home to foreclosure, which is what happens when you do not pay your mortgage for an extended period of time.  I have lots of information available on the differences of a short sale vs a foreclosure available on my dedicated FB page and would encourage you to look there for valuable information on this topic.

I successfully close short sales each and every month.  I negotiate with banks to get your debt settled.  Once this occurs you will be free and clear of your obligation with the lenders.  I also can help you transition to another home, is some cases clients are immediately able to repurchase.  I will also assist with credit repair issues, offering you guidance and insight on what and how to get your overall credit score to improve.

If you are currently in jeopardy of losing your home, DO NOT wait, you need to speak to a licensed Realtor right away.  I often tell clients that even when faced with a difficult situation and one you did not plan for, anticipate, or being forced into, it is always better to stay in control than to give up or in.  A good realtor will be able to help you stay in control, access your options and help you with making choices to benefit your immediate and long term financial health.


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